Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New makes

I just made these from the same 70's pattern which also has a blouse that I will attempt..it is quite complicated though with lots of sheering detail on the sleeves so i will need plenty of time ( in short supply). The skirt is skater style and made from  vintage polyester. I have just enough of it left to make the shorts in it too..it was a simple and quick make.  The shorts are my favourite, slightly more complex as I have difficulty following written instructions I have to try and work things out for myself..I can read over and over the same things and it makes no sense to me..I ususally end up speaking out loud and very slowly to myself.this sometimes works..anyway they are made from a vintage skirt which had a huge tear in it so it was nice to give such gorgeous fabric a new lease of life, unfortunately they are an 8 so a bit too small for me! I got a job lot of vintage coat hangers (photo) they are things of beauty!!.. I am now onto a seventies dress with those 'free hanging' sleeves

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