Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to wear pants with style

I was dancing with my son to Noah and the Whale..his favourite...when he stripped off clothing and then re dressed with his pants as a one shoulder top..I havn't tried my pants like this yet, but I am completely inspired!!..he put his t shirt on as a loin cloth..which again looked fantastic..he has such an incredible imagination both my children seem to have fashion in their blood..can't think why!!
I have never been a follower of fashion always a vintage girl scarred by the horrible outfits my mother used to make me wear, I resisted any fashion item that was popular! I had an emerald green straw hat with a very large brim which I lived underneath when I was in my twenties. of all my items from the past I think this hat sums me up most.  I could be mysterious in its depths but still be noticed in a quite shocking way..thats me..sadly it has left my life now, but i have a new hat winging its way to me!!
I actualy don't buy that many clothes for myself but yesterday I added a mod top  to my collection of vintage the funnel neck pulls up as a hood ( a most inventive item).  It was unworn the story goes..the lady had been bought it by her boyfriend when she used to ride pillion on his vespa..I loved this...I used to ride around on my uncles when I was a girl I was never scared just exhilarated!!. He was so cool.. he was an artist who painted and decorated to survive  He saw humour in everything and cartooned his way trhough life.  He swaped his motorbike for a bicycle then got arthritis in his knees from  and swapped his bike for a wheelchair.  He was my favourite uncle and I love to picture his wicked smile and crinkly eyes

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