Friday, April 15, 2011

The full moon is approaching..I can feel that my emotions become fuller, more complex, needing an exorcism.  I am a moon child..having the moon in cancer..the natural mother placing...My children both have cancer sun and cancer ascendent we are taken to the brink once a month..more tears than usual (not mine I save those for sad films) and heightened frantic energy! I notice also we all need more sleep, heavy sleep and heavy son just dreamed a lady with magical eyes made him faint.
I dream about travel ..almost always....sometimes not having a ticket or missing the bus/plane/train or just being late for the journey..or if I manage to catch the ride its usally going the wrong way or the ride is full and cramped..sometimes I just make it by the skin of my teeth but it never leaves me feeling content or relieved.  The latest dream was  a huge liner sinking!..except for the dream where I was going to war and so had to half an advocado  take out the nut and wear them as shoes to protect myself form ammunition!!
My favoutite dreams are flying dreams experiencing the bodies weightlessness is amazing acrobatics in the air  deft landings, and being able keep to a good height..they are rare but very special when they occur.  I can astral fly but have not done so for a long.  The last time being I was sharing a bed with a friend when a guide/spirit came into the room as a silver ball turning into human form he helped us both to leave our bodies and we all three flew around york where I was living at the time, keeping quite close to the ground in flight.  When we arrived back we sat in bed speechless..for a long time...
My brother who is completely not into anything spiritual or out of this world can astral an expert...we lived a distance away from each other for about 10 years and in this time he often took me to places/countries..particularly the East.  I didn't recall any of the journeys..not once...but I know they happened..he just has such a down to earth persona he could never make this up and for evidence he described my bedroom perfectly and what a trouble it was to get me to leave my body.
The first time I  did remember flying ..I had just moved into a house with a boyfriend we were checking out the area the next day and went into the local library I picked up some magazines and remembered that I had been there during the night reading those very same mags  I was able to say what was in them and I knew my way around the boyfriend was totaly unimpressed not believing in that 'kind of thing'.
It's 3.30 am now.. I'm going to try for a dream!

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