Sunday, April 17, 2011

clothes sale

this weekend the annual save the children clothes sale in my town took place.fill a large bin liner for £10 it was real fun!! never done anything like this before where you just grab things and hope for the best! We had to que with a paid for bin liner and then the grabbing began....My daughter it turned out had the best eye for what to grab and she managed to find 70's nightgowns and vintage dresses I had to stuff in things my son gave to me so as not to hurt his feelings (and avert a meltdown!) ..I found vintage footglove sandals and overtop the belts!...and one of my favourite things vintage coathangers..I just love them!!... I never hang my clothes up....havn't got the time it takes to put things on hangers:)..but I love the quilty bit on the hangers reminds me of old dressing gowns.which I find freaky!!..I kind of like things that freak me out..the edge of drama. I have never liked dressing gowns per se, seems like something that encourages lounging around and excess time on your hands..which maybe I had prior to children but it's a distant memory now!!
they also remind me of my mother...(good job she will never read this she hasn't mastered the net apart from to trace family history archives) ..I remember her puffed up eyes and wild hair in the mornings, then she would put on a pink fluffy dressing gown that buttoned right up to the neck and drink weak coffee.  I would sit eating my ready break unrecognisable as anything aside  from a bowl of melting sugar, (which I always made for myself) hoping she was in a good mood to start the day (rarely).
The  dressing gown would make a  reappearance after her nightly bath ( a habit I too indulge in) she sat with a book on our very prickly sofa and sometimes she would massage my of my happy memories of her..I struggle to find these moments in my memory...mostly I remember being scared of her and not liking her..she scowled a lot...I secretly called her The Ogre....she didn't like me..she said I confused her because I was too intelligent and it made her feel she thinks I have wasted my life because I did not become a career woman!..(her dream for me)..she still has the same style of dressing, gown having gone through a towelling bath robe phase and reverted back to buttoned up comfort.

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