Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The lost week

This week I lost my beautiful vintage makeup bag that I use as a purse plus all its contents, cards, vital phone numbers, my endless list  of dental apointments.  Then  Bella my beautiful car broke down en route, it is unfixable and so  I am for the unseeable future without a car, My son and I have walked everywhere we can think of within our local and enjoyed learning numbers (he's 4) from gate whilst we cannot go far afield we have discovered doorstep pleasures and that we both love freely mooching together. Alas My sewing machine broke too..I spend endless amounts of time experimenting with different approaches to repairing it, the thing that seems to work best is leaving it alone and letting it rest (its old) it then has a flurry of excitement before it pegs it again. I have wanted to throw it out of the window several times this week but in its little unpredictable way it is becoming a passion for recreating vintage dresses cannot be stemmed only hemmed!
thus far I have made peasant skirts form an old valance, duffle bags from pillow cases and a lovely number in seersucker
The delights of a jumble sale await me on saturday......heaven.... in the lost week

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