Monday, April 4, 2011


I have the first sale of my vintage and  handmade vintage style clothing this weekend my StellaMay labels arrived yesterday and i sewed the first one into a piece of clothing...birth...
I do not feel ready for the outing, as I do not feel it is it time for my son to go to school but I believe that lifes timescale has little to  do with human intervention and everything to do with cosmic intervention!
especially when one opens oneself up to being guided and stops trying to be in charge.  My son enjoyed school after many tears ..I refused to take him I have never left my children  crying and walked away,  it isn't posssible for me to do that, i would have camped out in the playground or whisked him away.  I have a home educaton nature but I see many flaws with this, having home educated my daughter for 2 years.  for us it became a constant pursuit for social opportunities and very little rhythm.  I believe that children should have their parents close by but being with them constantly is way too intense.  For this reaason I think community living in a shared space is the answer where children can interact with all age groups in a safe secure environment.....maybe oneday!! for now I have to watch my little boy become the property of the state! a friend reminded me today we always have choices, it's just that sometimes it doesn't feel like it. Whether one is making the right descisions is the hardest thing to come to terms!

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