Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The lady who sent me the vintage vespa top  emailed me yesterday with  the full story  of the top..she had said to me if only the top could talk..and I emailed back..intriguing!
Well the story is she lived in Kenya when she was 17 and met as she said..a glorious! young man fresh out of the RAF and wanting to live in Kenya he was 19 and Christine rode pillion on his vespa so he bought her the top to kep her warm....their romance began... but it  was deemed inappropriate and she was sent back to England to live with aunts..two years later she was sent to Nairobi..but the glorious man could not get over to her and she never saw hm she put the top away and din't take it out until 50 years later.  Now I have it..what a responsibility!
After receiving this email I feel as though I want to know about Christines what happened next?..but I doubt I will hear from her again..they are strange emails to appear in you ebay account

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